Best Healthcare products solution

There are a myriad of artificial intelligence(AI) technologies making their way into healthcare. As a result , there is a lot of confusion about the best AI technology to solve different types of problems.

As a pioneer in machine learning and its applications to healthcare, it brings an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience in leveraging AI to solve healthcare’s most crucial problems and as the availability and variety of data continues to grow, our AI continuous to grow smarter.

Out technology is unique in the field. REFS ( Reverse engineering forward simulation ) is a casual machine learning platform -an extremely powerful form of AI that learns directly from the data. Unlike other AI technologies, that rely on scanning and interpreting available data.

REFS discovers new insights from the data. This is an important distinction as results from casual machine learning are objective , unbiased and actionable.


REFS starts by transforming trillions of data variables – Clinical, genetic. lab, image, drug, genomic, proteomic, consumer, pharmacy and unlimited other types-into casual models, models that demonstrate cause and effect. Once the models are built, casual relationships are calculated by running thousands of “ what if” simulations through the models to illuminate the underlying relationships. So, critical to treating; patients precisely. Biology complex and unless you understand the “why or root cause, it’s difficult to intervene or treat patients successfully.

As the data continues to grow. REFS continuous to grow smarter and provide additional discoveries. This allows our clients to discover new drugs and unravel disease pathways, identify patients biomarkers that are responsive to specific treatments, leverage real world evidence and data to prove the values of drugs, identify optimal care pathway and inflections points for patients and much more.